Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Blowing an uncertain trumpet

There are times when an office as lofty as that of the President demands constraint and intelligibility. Statements credited to our president and to a lesser extent - the directors of our SSS, IBB’s campaign managers etc in the past few days have mostly disappointed.

In loutish conducts - pandering to what they deem a largely unsophisticated electorate – ‘official’ statements have been made that could perhaps prompt more chaos than the bombs planted around Eagle Square on Friday, 1st of October.

Nigerians – just like citizens of other nations - are not noted for their loathing for rumours and conspiracy theories. I was at the 805 restaurant over the weekend – a gathering for all sorts - and the place was buzzing with all kinds of anecdotes.

Regrettably, GEJ has set off a trend that seems to be (precariously) gathering speed by the day. I just read a tweet that said Henry Okah was pressurised by GEJ to deny involvement in the bombing so that it could be placed at the doorsteps of those perceived to be ‘Northern’ opponents!

In a few words, a few hours after the incident, GEJ recklessly tried to rewrite events and ‘known’ facts to suit his …... People as expected have latched onto his ill-timed words and are building huge webs of dangerous assumptions (Not that we really need any prompting!).

To a ‘government’ that still hasn’t paid any respect to the fatalities of the bombing; it will be unkind if they continuously ‘muddy’ their memories with tactless statements (Aunty Dora’s “It was a success..” statement noted). It is also revoltingly unfortunate that one of the alleged ‘conspirators’ - some figures are pointing at him - General Babangida sounded more ‘presidential’ in his statement yesterday than our own president!

Let’s give the ‘investigators’ a chance, let’s stop blowing uncertain trumpets! The politics can come later!

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